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Ideal for Astrologers and Astrology Students.

LifeSign MiniĀ®1.2

Contains both calculations as well as predictions. Free Bengali Astrology Software 1.

This free Bengali Astrology software Free Astrology Software 1. This free astrology software MB Aztec Astrology 1. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of the day sign you belong to as per the astrological culture MB Free Celtic Astrology 1. It determines your Celtic zodiac sign from your date of birth and gives you a detailed interpretation PlanetDance 4. It is a software to calculate, draw and save horoscopes.

It comes with a unique possibility to create your own functions with Astrobasic, StarScopes 5. Face the new millenium with this strong, fifth generation astrology program. StarScopes is sophisticated enough for professional astrologers and yet simple enough Lucky Days 2. Helps you find your best days to gamble or speculate. Can be used for casino gambling, horseracing, sports betting and stock markets. This software was successfully Muhurta Explorer 1.

Free Tamil Astrology Software

Can also check the auspiciousness of a particular time for a task on Vedic principles. Categories include Horoscope Explorer 4. Astro Assistant 1. Complete classic astrology software. Besides generating of natal, progressive and transit horoscope it can organize user's database. It also MB Free Tibetan Astrology 1. Tibetan Astrology originated around years ago and it has its roots MB Free Nakshatra 1. This program calculates the birth star or the constellation the moon was present in at the time of birth.

Free Kundli Software 1. Free Malayalam Jathakam Software 1.

Astrology Software

Free Marathi Kundli Software 1. MB Flower Astrology 1. The program also gives you an insight into your personality and tells you about your positive and negative Yoga" means an "union" or "relationship" or angle between the longitudes of the sun and the moon. Astrology Typeface v1. A documentation file is included which lists the names of all of the symbols.

Zango Astrology 1. Know the Future, be prepared It is also useful for home users, to whom astrology is an hobby and to students and beginners of astrology.

The description of AstroSoft AIO-Tamil Astrology

This edition is a source of guidance and is so easy to understand. This edition is available in Multi-lingual regional languages. Apart from Hindi and English languages, we have in this edition Tamil astrology software, Kannada astrology software, Gujarati astrology software, Marathi astrology software, Bengali astrology software, Punjabi astrology software.

It outlines family, spouse, children, personality, wealth, comforts, education, income Etc.

No.1 Astrology Software - Free Download - Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini

All other charts are derived from it. Lal Kitab Chart and Varshphal Chart. Predictions commencing from the moment the Sun returns to the natal position in a particular year.

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It helps to generate free horoscope reports as per your preference. This Free Tamil Astrology Software also provides you a choice This is an ideal software product for Astrologers and Astrology students, providing the Free Tamil Astrology Software 1. View Image. Currently 2. Add to saved freeware Report spyware Download. Save freeware Download Details.