Cuspal sub lord astrology

Finding out exact degree at which the Ascendant of the native raises is very important in this type of Astrology. Ascendant has 4 ruling planets. Shri Khullar in his above referred book illustrated the method and rules to fix Sub and Sub-Sub lord of Ascendant. Like Ascendant, all other houses also have 4 ruling planets each. By using these Cuspal Positions along with positions of planets in Bhava Chart and transit positions of planets at the time of birth of the native,we can check promise and Dasa potential of the native for an event.

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Similarly, each house promises certain event for the native. For any event to happen three things are essential.


They are promise indicated by the sub-sub lord of the Ascendant and Sub-Sub lord of the Primary cusp, Dasa potential to enact that event and favorable transit of Dasa period lord, Sun, Moon and other slow moving planets. Jupiter is not only the chief governor for children but also by owning the houses 2 and 5 it signifies the birth of children to that person. Jupiter rules the stars Punarvasu, Visaka and Poorvapathrapada. If the sub is governed by lord of 11, then the person gets a child. But if the sub is ruled by the lord of 12, no child will be born during the period of the planet in the sub governed by lord of So one is to question that the planet which either occupies a constellation or transits in a constellation is the source by which one has his desire fulfilled.

The lord of the constellation indicates the nature of the result, "the sub shows whether it is desirable or undesirable. Again trouble arose when 2,3 or 4 planets are found in the same constellation, as all the planest in the same star, though referring the same matters, yet gave diametrically opposite results, i. This made me think further.

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Then I started doing research and in all cases I found that planets, though they are in the same constellation, yet a few are beneficial and a few unfavourable. This caused me to further carry on research. I found that every constellation must be devided in the manner I have said into 9 subs and each sub having that area in a constellation in the propotion in which they are allotted the numbers of years in Vimshodhari dasa.

These planets in that constellation are termed as the "Signifcators" of the Bhava occupied by the the lord of the constellation.

Krishnamurthy House Cusps & Subs - KP Sub Lords - Krishnamurthy House Theory

Thus if one works out, for all the planets then each planet is found to signify the matters of a few houses. Then judge each planet. The planet signifies a matter. Whether it votes for the progress and properity or due to the "sub lord" it is not capable doing good, further it does harm to that bhava signified by the planet, is to be studied. I say "If a planet is the signifcator of lagna bhava, it gives long life, success in attempts; it healps to maintain good health, if the sub lord is not the signficator of 6 or 8 or If the sub lord of the planet signifies 6th house and if a planet shows lagna results and occupy such a sub ruled by the significator of 6, he falls ill.


The constellation refers to his health, sub signifying 6 gives disease. If a planet signifies lagna bhava and it is in the "sub of the significator of 8", he meets with danger. If the "sub lord signifies 12th house" and the significator of lagna is in such a sub, one runs away, or one is imprisoned, or hospitalized. Therefore constellation lord shows whom or which matter it refers.

But "the deciding factor, good or bad, success or failure is shown by the sub occupied by the significator.

Suppose a planet is the significator of second bhava and it is in the "sub of 6", one borrows but if it is in the sub of 8 or 12, he lends to others or repays loan. Suppose a planet is the significator of 7th house and if it is in the "sub of 2 or 11" one gains, there is reunion, one gets married, etc. But if it is in the significator of 12, separation or ill health to wife.

If it is in the "sub of 1 1nd 2", danger to partner's life. Thera can be 3 or 4 or any number of signifcators for the 7th. Therefore during the period or sub period of a planet in such a sub whose lord signifies 12th house, wife falls ill or the native goes away and separation is caused. If the sub lord signifies 6th house, the wife goes away, therby there is separation.

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The planets deposited in a particular constellation can indicate only the nature of the event i. It does not mean that a planet deposited in a constellation should necessarily be favourable and contribute for the benefit of the matters signified by a bhava occupied by the lord of constellation. For example, Guru and Sani were in the same constellation.

Guru is in the "beneficial sub", whereas Sani is in an "adverse sub". So during Guru period one enjoys the results of the bhava occupied by the lord of constellation whereas during the period of Sani he faces just diametrically opposite results in the same matter. If in the Guru sub period, a child is born, during Sani the same child dies.

It means Guru and Sani are in one constellation and the lord of constellation is in 5. Guru was in a favourable sub and Sani was in an unfavourable one. Further, one is to note the dasa period which one runs. Because in one period and subperiod, one may be in service; in another sub subperiod in the same major period keep idle; in the third subperiod do business; in the next subperiod, have gains, in another loose and so on. It is necessary to judge a planet by the lord of costellation and "sub" when you can have the "correct results".

Once it is decided whether the event is promised in the chart or not, next important step is to find out when the event will take place. The matter will fructify in the dasa, bhukti and antara of the significators of houses group for the matter under consideration. Significators of main and supportive houses needs to be found out according to established KP rules as stated above or the method given in the section "Finding House Signifcators.

The event will happen in the conjoined period of the signifcators of the house group for the matter under consideration. If the selected number of sigfinicators are more than three we require one for dasa, one for bhukti and one for antara , we need to find out powerful significators among them according to the rules given in "selection of significator" section. Generally dasa is for some longer duration. To pin point exact time of happening of an event, we need to see the transit as follows -. Dasa, Bhukti and Antara lord should transit through the significators of the houses under consideration to fructify the event.

For even finer timing, we need to check transit of Sun and Moon. Sun and Moon should transit through the significators.