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Water is afraid of Earth. Water or Pig is associated with your wealth, it provides you a good job and income.

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You will have a successful life, if you are dedicated to your work. Job Change : You will have excellent career development chances. You can go ahead and accept any promotions or new job offerings and work towards your career goals. However, you can skip the chance if you feel that you cannot get over people relationship in the current job.

Wealth : Earth gets frightened because of Water and your wealth is represented by Water whereas Pig is a river which signifies that you will be bestowed with innumerable money minting chances. Goat is a plain land or field which suggested excessive water can create floods which will result in asset loss and in turn denotes your money loss.

Therefore, you cannot handle water of money you will face a lot of difficulties. Pig and Sheep have the relationship of Wood which is further associated with job or judiciary. Your reputation might get spoiled or you may enter into some lawsuit, if you lose your senses to wealth. Love : Sheep and Pig have double attraction relationships. Pig shares amazing coordination with Sheep.

You will be able to find your perfect match if you are single as per Sheep horoscope. Pig comprises of Water and Wood.

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Your wife or girlfriend if signified by Water of Pig if you are a gentleman and your husband or boyfriend is signified by Wood of Pig, if you are a lady. You will have a peaceful and calm relationship if you are in love which will make you even think seriously for it and go for marriage. Your love bond is truly blessed if you are married and will have a firm, happy, faithful and adorable marriage life. In case you feel that you need to start over again when it comes to love, then you should plan for a romantic trip together.

Social Circle : Due to the double attractive relationship between Goat and Pig, you will experience an amazing people relationship and will be able to build a strong social network as well. It is advisable to project your warm, thoughtful and generous attitude to others and avoid unfavorable behavior in public as per chinese goat horoscope Quarrel : Sheep is coward and shy and hardly gets into arguments with others.

Though Pig and Sheep share a strong bond with each other, you may experience some kind of defamation due to Pig in It is advisable for you to make peace with your rivals at the earliest if you have arguments, disputes or lawsuit with someone which will waste your money, time, energy and spirits. The people born in the year of Horse can help you in solving your disputes. Horse and Pig have double attraction relationships. Horse will be able to settle things between Sheep and Pig as Horse and Sheep have an attractive relationship with Fire.

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If you got out of the wrong side of the bed and if your breakfast went down the wrong way, relax and read your daily Chinese horoscope: it won't take long for your day to get better! What sign are you?

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You're wrong! With the section of Ching Oracle dedicated to your daily Chinese Horoscope, you will be able to know everything that interests you in advance! Thousand-year old Chinese wisdom is never wrong but it isn't always easy to understand: our experts will interpret it for you, giving you a personalised horoscope every day for your Chinese sign! Discovering before everyone else what your day has in store for you is a great advantage : nothing and nobody can take you by surprise!

Today's Chinese Horoscope will let you open your eyes and will give you the best ways to reach harmony and balance.

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Giving off positive energy is important but we are not always able to understand the right way to do so. So your daily Chinese horoscope will give you this precious opportunity : increasing your positive vibrations. It is important to get the best from every situation, both for you and for the people in your midst.

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