February 12 2020 pisces horoscope

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This year it divides itself mainly between Aquarius and Pisces and retrogrades twice so it is more personal. Before it does we have a Persephone -esque connection of Ceres conjunct Pluto in your 11th house on Jan 13 this could mark a day of investment with a friend. Maybe you set up a dream business together, but it can keep you in a kind of karmic contract also so make sure you really trust this friend. Black Moon Lilith. For the majority of the year Lilith will be in Aries so we will take it from there. From Jan 27 Lilith will be in your cash zone of the 2nd house.

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Mars joins Lilith there from Jun 28 until Oct 20 , therefore, any self-esteem issues connected with your income come up. If you are a man you might actually feel quite sexually impotent. Cash flow and erm.. One of you might want more space and privacy to work rather than thinking that you need to move out. Mars retrograde takes place in your cash zone so a passion for material goods may rage very high even within the most spiritual Pisces Which is a lot of you!

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The appreciation for art is also high and of course usually, the finest antiques and well-made clothes are going to come with a price. How nice that you have two blossoming sextiles to your sign.

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This means a very easy-going year with just a lunar eclipse to spice things up for you at the end of The sextile also has a bit of spice to it and does not have the full-on, blissed-out healing action of the trine. Ok, you only have the Jupiter sextile for the beginning as you come to the end of that lucky transit but it should have put you in an optimistic and innovative mood in preparation for the exciting Uranus sextile.

One way or another a different dimension will open to you through unfamiliar places and people or just those with a different mind-set or background to your own. Pisceans born from 21st Feb — 12th March or with from 3- 21 degrees Pisces rising will feel this vibration most.

The moon in Taurus connects with dreamy Neptune.

Uranus moved from your sign in March where it has been revolutionizing the lives of Pisceans in quite surprising ways over several years. Uranus, will now be changing the lives of Ariens until and gradually will be altering the way the finances of Pisceans work over the same time period.

It will bring uncertainty and occasional destabilization in the area of finances and your basic material security. However, if you are open-minded and willing to try new methods and especially anything with groups of kindred spirits, or at the cutting edge, then you can be successful if you play your cards right. The Pisces predictions suggest that it will now be a revolution in your thinking related to material security and basic values.

Some of you may take a pay cut just to be able to work in a more stimulating, innovative or unusual field.

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The Pisces astrology predictions suggest a time to further your talents and any crazy plan you may previously have put on the back-burner or your life. This energy also favours cutting edge stuff and working through groups or over the wires, as well as renewable energy, space travel or other areas not mainstream. Pisceans born from 21st Feb — 3rd March or between degrees Pisces rising will feel this vibration most.

Neptune the ruling planet of Pisces entered its home — your sign — on the 4th February One way of many this influence can work is that all your Piscean traits are magnified. So that means amazing things like empathy, higher service, second sight or artistic ability but also a tendency to escapism, self delusion and silly idealism. A strong Neptune in a chart can be about sacrifice, illusion and distorted perception. Celebrities or well-known people often have a strong Neptune as the public do not see them as they really are — ordinary, fragile human beings like you and me, but super beings, Gods and Goddesses — which they are not.


Pisces 2020 Horoscope – Love, Health , Money & Career

Being put on a pedestal and worshipped or not being appreciated for your real worth can feel hollow and phoney. But the Neptune effect in Pisces may mean you have to work harder to maintain your own identity and keep your feet on the ground and be genuinely altruistic or visionary. The Pisces prediction suggests that you could develop more of an interest in healing, psychic or spiritual work or any other area where the inner eye, is a key feature.

Over this long period experience will teach you when to draw the line in the sand and keep it real for yourself.