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A post shared by drunk astrology drunkstrology on Jul 21, at pm PDT. Leo Season is coming. The rest the Zodiac are just lucky enough to share a month in their presence come Leo Season. Leo often has many friends for they are generous and loyal. Their healthy sense of humor makes collaboration with others simple and one can usually count on a Leo for help solving even the most difficult problems.

Leos will defend their friends to the very end, regardless of how ugly things might get. This Dog vs. Werewolf meme explains it all. A post shared by lalah iamlalahsweetz on Jul 21, at am PDT. Because of their confidence and leaderships skills, Leos are able to virtually achieve anything they want to in any area of life they commit to.

Cancer season is officially over.

That being said, they tend to lack follow-through when their goals interfere with activities they like that are much more readily accessible. Can you see it?

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Leos love to be surrounded by modern and trendy things. Although money comes easy to them when they do decide to take that extra initiative and turn off Netflix , the tend to spend less responsibly. Sometimes, Leo just say "I'm fine" because it's difficult for them to find someone who actually listens and cares about their life. A post shared by homegrown dykey comedy sapphicsoapbox on Jul 21, at pm PDT.

If you're a Leo Moon and you need validation from loved ones to comfort yourself, you have to make sure that the image your loved ones are comforting is a truly accurate and genuine image of you, not a false image.

More often than not, Leos will retreat unto themselves when they feel as if they are not receiving the validation they deserve. Okurrr , queen. Leos can get by just fine on their own.

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Generally speaking, Fire signs are passionate, sincere, and very generous towards their loved ones. Leos love to shower their BF or GF with affection, so long as they receive the attention they crave in return. They will often take on the role of a leader in any relationship and strongly rely on their need for independence and initiative.

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Happy birthday to you and I hope you enjoy your day. Although some people, like this Twitter user, prefer to boo up with Leo…. Similar to Taurus , Leos tend to be brutally honest, which can come across as excessive and turn off romantic partners. These memes roast Leos for their inability to let the little things go. Creds: yourscorpioprincess scorpio leo gemini watersigns astrology knowyourmeme meme zodiacmemes zodiac zodiacsigns zodiacfacts zodiacposts scorpiomemes leomemes geminimemes.

After a Leo hacks their way into your exes account… pic. Niall Horan. Stranger Things. Your privacy is important to us.

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