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This process peaks with the Taurus full moon on November 12, highlighting your health, work, daily routines, and life. Mercury stations direct on the twentieth.

Welcome to Aquarius season, Sagittarius!

The past year has marked a journey of self-discovery and growth, expanding your consciousness, self-awareness, wisdom, and cognizance of your boundless potential. As you step into the Sagittarius new moon cycle on November 26, embody your lessons as you see the wholeness of who you have become. December brings a whole new chapter of discovering your worth. Standout days: 1, 8, 22, 24, 28 Challenging days: 5, 14, 24, Don't Leave Love To Chance!

Get guidance from experienced psychics. NOV 12, - Dynamic Mars sextiles lucky Jupiter to offer opportunity, and it is a dynamic business aspect over the next four days. Read full overview. If you've pulled the Star card, you know you're going the right way. If you're setting goals for yourself, you'll make sure to see them through. And though rewards may still be on To me, there is no greater act of courage than being the Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly You could replace Sinistra or Trelawney!

For me he's still definitely a strong Scorpio, but some of his other planets seem to be in Scorpio anyway, while in Capricorn we have just a lonely Saturn for him. I'm somewhat reluctant to push his rising sign there as well, it would lose him the beautiful Scorpio double whammy. But a Capricorn Moon might work for him. Something also makes me think that JK is into astrology. I wonder if we could poke her for more birthdates of her characters? The camera was whirring and that's what she really wanted. I'm impressed with the serious thought going into these horoscopes.

Chiron is the largest asteroid between Mars and Jupiter, I think. It is named for the most famous of the centaurs. He was the only immortal centaur. He became the tutor for a number of famous Greek heroes including: Despite his immortality he was to end up dying. Heracles stopped to visit Pholus. Heracles was thirsty and persuaded Pholus to open a jar of wine that was the common property of the centaurs.

The other centaurs smelled the wine and came running. A fight broke out between Heracles and the centaurs. Chiron took no part in the fight but, was accidentally wounded by Heracles. As an immortal, Chiron could not die but lived in terrible pain. Chiron then chose to trade his life for the release of Prometheus. He may be the Centaur represented in the constellation Centaurus. I think Lupin will have Pisces in the 10 house and some powerful and friendly planets in the 11th house of friendships. That would give gemini rising.

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He is bright, but calm and supportive. I hadn't thought of that. I'll get her started on the sort vowels sounds monday morning. First let me admit that I haven't caught up on this thread, yet. I'm fairly amazed at how much interest there is in astrology around these parts! Nice work and good observations. Hope it stays fun. I've been thinking about Lupin. If we put the moon in Cancer and the Sun in Pisces, any ideas for the rising sign? And he also need a strong 11th house of friendship. Maybe a stellium in there? And maybe Saturn would go in the sixth house?

Or perhaps the 10th house of career. Hard to have a career when one is a werewolf. He was smart, too, so air signs must be well represented, but my guess is he was really low on fire signs. I see him as primarily water and air and more mutable than fixed or cardinal, so geminii and pisces are probably strong.

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If we put geminii in the 11th house of friendship with a nice stellium, maybe mercury, uranus and venus , the 12th house will be Cancer with the Moon. Anything in the twelth house is in a difficult spot, but maybe that's about right. That gives us Leo rising. I suppose he looks a bit Leo. Let's not encourage it with any planets in the first house, though. I agree with everything but Leo rising. I see more of a Libra rising. Yeah, that Leo rising is sticky. It's actually not a very good placement, except that organisational skills are top notch.

And maybe he does need just a bit of Leo's fire to survive at all. Along with personal character, the rising sign can also be reflected in appearance, and while I should look up his description again, just looking at the picture on the back of OotP, the face looks somewhat leonine.. I don't know what possessions he has. His existence seems somewhat spartan, and so that could work. Libra goes into the third house of communication. Art, music, symmetry, balance, even some relationships are experienced and expressed through the mind. We could put Jupiter in here to expand on these qualities.

This is the first paragraph from Parkers' Astrology, Jupiter in Libra. Here is a kind, sympathetic and charming individual, hospitable and very charitable. There is a natural friendliness and an easy expression of warm affection, and the attitude to life is somewhat laid-back. It goes on to discuss negative sides of the placement. Then same book, Jupiter in the third house. This is the Geminii house and has strong connections with the mind. Jupiter is also the planet of the intellect, so Jupiter's influence will enhance the need to exercise the mind, and intellectual challenge will be taken up with the greatest possible enthusiasm.

Encourage very careful training, when learning to drive a car, ride a bicycle, motorcycle or horse, since a certain wildness may take over at such times. What do you all think? Serpentine, You have amazing patience. I still can't get over how you drew up 5? I'm interested in the near consensus for Snape sunsign to be Scorpio. Guess I'd better look at that more closely. Seems like you did this very intuitively.

What I like about this is how we come to see our own perceptions of each character. What they mean to us and how we feel about them. I wouldn't use the all same assignments you did above, but it they give me an idea of how you respond to each character. I wonder if any of this will ever be helpful in working with real charts. Funny thing is, on another thread we've been talking about Alice in Wonderland and how she had to work backwards.

Who knew it would extend to astrology? Funny you should say that! I'm a Cancer with the moon in Cancer as well as Mercury. The intuitiveness is on a crazy level with me.. Yeah, everyone responds to characters differently depending on how they view their morals, values, and qualities. Lupin is my favorite, though.

I strongly see him as a Cancer though Whizbang's idea of him in Pisces works as well. I find the two signs very much alike. Same with Sirius as a Scorpio. I did think of something else: I'd change my thoughts on Dumbledore. I see him as an Aquarius. He's got many of the qualities of an Aquarius. Let's say moon in Taurus. Thought I detected a cancer moon. Is Pisces prominent in your chart, too? Moon conjunct uranus in eighth house cancer here. Yes, I forgot to mention I have Pisces rising. Does your family know to pay attention when you "get a feeling" about something? Yay, second page of the astrology thread!

Seems to be the best way to start it. My cat doesn't care to read, but she does manage to "say" things like oww, eee and the like. D You have amazing patience. It needs less patience than one would suspect, because most of the work is done by the program - you only have to compare the results to your preferences afterwards. Sorry if it sounds a bit funny, I'm translating it on the spot Tendency towards possessiveness and jealousy.

Hagrid's emotions are very obvious. D Moon in Capricorn: A stern exterior conceals loveable softness. To me Moon in Scorpio still sounds even more fitting for Snape, but if even Mercury isn't willing to join Saturn in subtle Capricorn D] True genius in storytelling. Maybe some of his subtlety stems from Virgo. About Lupin, I have to admit that I have my doubts on Leo rising as well.

And in order to have Jupiter in 3rd house Libra he would have to be at least one year older than Snape Jupiter in Scorpio, and moving to Sagittarius and Capricorn afterwards. I see him rather with a Water than Fire sign rising,: About air signs, Sirius and James seem to have been even smarter though. But Pluto Virgo is in a mutable sign, Sun in Pisces would be another.

We'll have to see about the rest. Saturn in Capricorn as 10th house Sagittarius is mutable but another Fire sign, do we dare to toss it there? I'm itching to try it out What is a stellium? I can't find it in my dictionary. Do you mean a conjunction? She does seem to use some solar signs at least. Unfortunately I'm nowhere near her, else I'd poke her for some birthdates at once I think Dumbledore is an Aquarius also.

Jupiter in Cancer sounds very likely compared with others. I want to add an Aries rising for Dumbledore, Mercury in Taurus, Venus is hard to tell because we know nothing of his love life, Mars in Gemini or Sagittarius, Saturn in Virgo, Uranus in Cancer, Neptune in Gemini mostly because the dates Neptune are in for this sign are close to what I'd say is close to his birth year , and Pluto in Gemini as well for the same reason.

My family has come to notice that I get "feelings" about things, actually. Only a couple times have they really listened, though. My friends, on the other hand, sometimes rely on me for my thoughts on things. Recently, my intuition has soared into another level The stories I could tell you, lol. Pisces is also in Jupiter for me. I think we'd all like to poke her for one thing or another.

We may have to be content with the publication of her boxes of notes. They must be at least as much fun as Da Vinci's. A stellium is three or more planets in one sign or one house. I have a stellium in Aquarius that goes over two houses. Sun in the second house, mars and venus in the third and all far enough apart that none are conjunct. Serpentine, You've really done some great work on snape. I'd love to really go in depth with him. His heart is on his sleeve in spite of himself so he's fun to "study.

He may be off the charts. There's definitely electrical aquarius. Very protective, involved in education. Cancer and Sagg influences. Music, astronomy, balance, beauty How about venus in Libra? But talk about scorpio. The secrets, the revolutionary underground organization, the behind the scenes influence in government. We could put Pluto in Sagg in the 11th house of friendships and Scorpio on the midheaven, which would allow for aquarius rising. But I almost wonder if Scorpio shouldn't be the twelfth house.

I have no ideas for a sun sign. I see lots of Libra, beauty balance art music. Is he fixed Leo or mutable Sagg? He is definitely forgiving and magnanimous, yet I like Sun in Saggitarius, so far. Gotta think about it. This thread was intended to discuss the possible astrological influences, real or imagined, of JKR's characters.

I'm okay with discussing our charts, too. But only if everyone else is as well. If anyone does feel a bit uncomfortable, we can sure do it somewhere else, if at all. I was somewhat thinking of starting a thread for our charts, though there is this thread and the "What's your Zodiac sign" thread.. If this doesn't fall under any of them, I'm sure it can be started.

It might be better to keep them seperate so we don't get off the track. I'm still thinking about Dumbledore. He' tall and rangy.

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Let's go with that Aquarius rising! Let me know where you put the new thread.


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You've really done some great work on snape. Yes, he is definitely fun to "study", and not just because he's my favourite character He is so full of contradictions, and I often don't know if I'd rather kiss him or slap him. D But it's exactly these contradictions that make him such a rich character, and so much fun to analyze. I couldn't stop thinking about Capricorn rising for Snape As much as I'd hate to lose his Scorpio double whammy, I gave it a try nonetheless.

The fine-tuning proved trickier than I thought, with his many planets in Scorpio and Sagittarius I'm referring to my favourite chart E, Nov 1st there's a definite risk of dropping some of them along into his 11th house of friendships, which I had taken to be empty. But in the end I managed to find a birthtime that keeps his Mercury and Jupiter in the 10th and Saturn in the 12th. This would make him strive for public recognition Jupiter's doing Order of Merlin, anyone? Career in education or communication, keen to share thoughts and ideas in his chosen profession both courtesy of 10th house Mercury and to travel, to do research and acquire higher knowledge strong 9th house.

Actually all the houses from 8th to 10th would be strong for him. Saturn in the 12th house doesn't sound bad either: This may be because you feel that your own boundaries are constantly threatened. A serious examination of hidden realms may help you to conquer your fears. Oh, I see - thanks for the explanation.

Seems to be the thingy I have in Aquarius as well: Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, with a Capricorn sun lurking right around the corner. I tried for Lupin, and finding a tremendous conflict-potential on July 1st 9 squares and 5 oppositions! I quickly changed to June 25th Moon in 5th house Pisces likes children , Saturn in 3rd house Capricorn communication and learning. Strong 5th, 9th and - most important for us - 11th house Leo with Venus, Mars and Uranus , and in Cancer we get another 10th house Mercury sharing thoughts and ideas in his profession.

Sounds like a born teacher. Jupiter Scorpio - good for teaching as well is in the 2nd house of possessions though, I have my doubts if that fits him Earth weak, Water strong, and Cardinal strong, but lack of self-assertion is mentioned several times in aspects.

You may doubt your own wisdom, and seek truths in external sources. At times you may feel hopeless. As a child you may have experienced a wound which was both painful and enlightening. You need to take time to reflect and trust your own intuition.

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Does anyone feel reminded to the werewolf bite he got as a kid? So it's Sagittarius with Aquarius rising so far for Dumbledore? I've got to check out his year of birth Does your program use an equal house system? The further north or south the birthplace is from the equator, the more accurate a placidean house system is. Do you have an approximate birthtime for the Snape chart you like? I'd like to print it and have a look.

I can't keep all the aspects in my head. I tend to read a chart intuitively, rather than methodically. This is probably why I find astrology useful for understanding people, but I'm fairly hopeless at branches like hoary astrology or making predictions. I do know not to sign any papers or start anything new when mercury is retrograde, and do your research but don't do serious shopping until the moon is in Leo. The Master Centaur who was civilized instead of wild like his brothers and became an instructor of young men who became the great philosophers and teachers of ancient Greece.

Maybe he has one of those train wreck charts with lots of planets in one area, in his case Leo. He's lucky and he has basking in admiration down to a fine art. He definitely has all the negative traits of the sign. Bit of Aries around, too? He's very self involved. But he's an inept wizard. Only one good charm in him, really, so he's expert at using others to great personal advantage. He exhibits so many negative traits that it's scary to think about. He sure is lucky, though. Okay, no one has done Moody yet I'll have to think about this one.

You guys are too fast for me. I'm still on Snape.

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Not much in the way of water signs. Fire and earth, I would guess. Moon and mars in aries? Deeply commited to his cause. Sees right through things. Maybe there are elements of cancer. Perhaps the rising sign? As you say, misspotterhead, not much to work with. Well, it offers a long list of systems - Ancient ones, Modern ones, Indian ones, Equal ones I don't really have the overview to decide which one is best, so I usually leave it with the default Porphyry. It seems to be similar to Placidus though. Nov 1st Scorpio, Capricorn rising: For the houses in general, Capricorn rising seems to fit him even better.

But it does, among others, get him the Slytherin-esque survival instinct which was missing in the double whammy - "Cardinal weak" and leaves him very strong Scorpio qualities, so it's OK for me. But mainly very much of Leo. Scanning through the descriptions of Virgo I was reminded not only of Hermione but also of Percy: Can anybody else see him as Virgo, or Capricorn hard work and strong ambition?

I can see both.. Capricorn ambition and Virgo preciseness. We are even informed that the Egyptian year was changed from to days, in the year ofthe World The statement of Eudoxus cannot therefore be supposed to mean that the chronological period of a solar year, as received by other nations, was, in the fourth century before Christ, about thirty years before the foundation of Alexandria, unknown to the Egyptians. If therefore the statement of Eudoxus referred to his own time, the designation of a lunar month by the term ,Year must Solin.

Proclus in Plato Tim. Thn Egyptians are, mm littF: Diodorus calls him Horus, and says that he w. D Digitized by C. If they had not carried their observations of the sun s course so far as to form an idea of a year, they could have had no name for this important measure of time. As soon as they formed an idea of a year, they would naturally give it a name j but this name must have been different from that by which they signified a day. The belief in an original year of ten months was prevalent among the antiquarian and historical writers of Rome.

The most ancient authority cited for it is M. S3, atates that the Indiana used montha of fifteen daya. A month of fifteen daya, like a year of three or four montha, is doubtleu fabuloua. Romulus, at the foundation of the Roman state, instituted a year of ten months, or days, which he borrowed from Alba, the mother-city of Rome, and birthplace of his parent Ilia. The remaining six months received no allusive appellations, but were named by him numerically, in their order, from Quintilis to December. Ovid il copioUl upon this courtly theme, Jfut. Si qua tamen para te de Futia tangere debet.

Cau, in Aprili quod tuearia habes. Qui diel menem Veneris mariu Findit Aprilem. Featns in MartiuI, p. Martins et generis RomanI pl 8! D 2 Digitized by CoogIe. They likewise were unanimous in supposing, that the numerical names of the six months from Quintilis to December originated in this fact. ISh But there was much discrepancy of opinion as to the origins of the names of fbur months. Martius was of the year,its name, on character of the Others! Thub that he named from the god of slaughter: Other explanations were likewise given for the names of these two months: So Ovid, in explaining the origin or the name of this month, says: Mars Latio venerandus Arma feral genti quia pnesidet armis ; "44 0: The sting w,n """Ollr;, " ll": It is alluded to by Ovid, Fast.

The second year of Rome would have begun on October the 31st, 80 that April would have fallen in December, and have been a winter month. The origins assigned for the name Maius are even more various. The month was said to have been borrowed from Tusculum, where the chief god was named Maius. Cincius derived Maius from Maia, the wife of Vulean. According to other etiologists, it was derived from Maia, the mother of Mercury, or from Mm, goddess of the earth, and Bona Dea, who had numerous titles and attributes.

Ovid is perplexed as to the true origin of the name Maius, and professes himself as unable to choose among the many explanations proposed. Majeatal, or sovereign power. Majorea natu, corresponding with Juniua, from Juvenea. Maia, one of the Pleiads. To Juno, referring to other examples ofthe same name. To Hebe, Juvental wife of Hercules. To thejunction of Romulus and Tatius. The reform of Numa is thus described. But the month Martiua was doubtlea HO called by the Italian natioua long before they had received the names of the planet.

There was a month-Hpcuor in Crete, Bithynia, and Delphi. Concerning the names of the Roman montha, compare Merkel ad Ovid. These days he distributed between the ten existing months and two new months, January and February, which he prefixed to the year; so that March now became the third month; and the months beginning with Quintilis, which were founded upon a numerical nomenclature, were all misnumbered by two. The month Januarius was named from the god Janus: Numa gave them the place of honour, at the beginning of the year, and assigned them a priority over the month of Mars, in his character of a pacific and philosophical king.

As a year of days was shorter than the solar year by days, Numa sought to bring it into harmony with the sun by intercalation. The Greek system of intercalation to which allusion is made, is the octaeteric cycle, attributed to Cleostratus. This system was based upon a year consisting of 12 alternate ten months. Numa made a yeu of twelve months. He also prefixed Januazy and February to the yeu: In our latitude, the mcreaae of the day in the ten days from Dec.

I, i8 sixteen minutes. The populu belief that the yeu of Romulua conaisted of ten months, and that it began with March. I, I, eaya that: March was originally the firat month of the yeu. The difference between this year and the solar year, being 11t days, was multiplied by 8, in order to avoid fractional parts of a day, and to produce a number of days convenient for intercalation. The intercalation obtained by this method for an octennial period was 90 days, which was distributed into 3 months, and these were intercalated at convenient intervals. According to the system ascribed to Numa, an equal number of days was intercalated in a period of eight years, namely, two months of 22 and two months of 28 days.

But as his year consisted of instead of days, there was an excess of 8 days in 8 years. On the other hand, the intercalation ascribed to Numa is more accurate than the most aucient method of intercalation which Censorinus attributes to the Greeks.

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His statement is that the Greeks, observing that the moon was sometimes at the full twelve times and sometimes thirteen times in a solar year, thought that lunar and solar time could be reconciled by intercalating a month every other year. This period was, by reckoning the two extreme years inclusively, called a tri. Unless, therefore, we make the comparison with the improved octaeteric system of Greek intercalation, the method of Numa was less defective than the primitive Greek method.

A somewhat similar account of the intercalation of Numa is given by Plutarch; but he arrives at it by an entirely dif. Plutarch mentions, indeed, the tradition which assigns ten months to the year of Romulus; but he adopts another version of the story, according to which the original Roman year contained days, distributed into months of. The di1ferenC8 is between and i days. January and February were the two last months of this year.

Numa likewise prefixed the months January and February to the reformed year, probably, as Plutarch thinks, on account of their vicinity to the winter solstice. I" The difference between the account of Censorinus and Macrobius on the one hand, and that of Plutarch on the other, with respect to the operation of Numa, is that the former supposes the year to which the intercalation is applied to consist of days, and the intercalation to be of a month alternately of twenty-two and twenty-three days; whereas the latter supposes the year to consist of days, and the intercalary month to consist uniformlyof twenty-two days.

According to Plutarch s supposition, the Roman calendar, as reformed by Numa, would have exactly resembled the Egyptian calendar, as assumed by the Sothiac period. With the correction of the biennial intercalary month, it took the solar year at days, and therefore lost one day in four years. This is a nearer approximation to the truth than the method of intercalation ascribed to Numa by Macrobius and Censorinus, according to which there was an annual error of a day. Valerius Antias, the author of a voluminous history of Rome, who lived at the time of Sylla, declared Numa to have been the author of the system of intercalation in the Roman J45 Num.

The pUllllge at the end of c. Macrobius, however, states that it was introduced as a correction to Numa s calendar. His account as we have already stated is that the intercalation of Numa was founded on the Greek octaeteric system, by which ninety days were intercalated in eight years of days. But as the year of Numa contained days, there was an error of eight days in excess at the end of each octennial period.

In order to correct this error, the intercalation in each third octennial period was afterwards reduced from ninety to sixty-six days; so that at the end of twenty-four years the error was adjusted by the deduction of twenty-four days. Dionyaiua mentiollB neither the year of Romulua Dor the reform of Numa. A similar miaa pplioation ofthe word is cited from Serviua, ad lEn.

The phrase exortua aolatitialia is used by Pliny, N. According to the plan described, three months of thirty days apiece Were intercalated in each of the two first octaeterids j and two months of thirty-three days each, or two months of thirty days each, and six additional days, were intercalated in the third octaeterid: If the Roman year ever consisted of days, it is not unlikely that this mode of intercalation was applied to it j but the conflicting accounts of Livy and Macrobius do not point to any certain historical result.

He states that when it was perceived that the solar year consists of i days, they added 10i days to the reformed year. The Greeks introduced the intercalary cycle of eight years, which the Romans at first adopted j but the method was after a time disused, as the regulation of the calendar was transferred to the priests, who administered it corruptly, in order to suit the iIlterests of the farmers of the revenue j and it fell into confusion, until it was reformed by Julius CIe8ar. He suppoeeB further that Numa altered this year by adding.

Compare the commentary of Salmasius upon this pas. Salmasius points out the improbability of the statement of SoliDus, that the Roman year before the reform ClIIsar consisted of t days. Licinius Macer, a contemporary of Cicero, who wrote a history of Rome from the foundation of the city, lI8 and is cited by Livy as having made researches into authentic documents, lK ltated the primitive Roman year to have consisted of twelve months ; and Feneetella, who lived about half a century later, and likewise wrote a history of his country in at least twenty-two books, shared.

He supposes the primitive Roman year to have consisted of twelve months and days, but to have begun with March, and to have ended with 1anuary and February. The utmost discordance of testimony likewise exists with 1 e8pect to the introduction of intercalation into the Roman calendar. Junius Gracchanus, who assumed a primitive decimestrial yeat, supposed this corrective to have been introduced by Semus Tullius. Diony 8iua include8 Semproniu8 among the Aoyi6l,. Qvid likewise, in his Fasti, ascribes the introduction of intercalation to the Decemvirs.

This discordance of testimony, or rather of statement, for none of these writers, except Fulvius Nobilior, can be regarded as witnesses shows that no authentic account of the introduction of intercalation into the Roman calendar had descended to the times of the historians. The earliest of these writers were separated from the supposed reign of Romulus by , and from that of Numa by years.

There is, moreover, no reason for supposing that Gracchanus had access to better information than Fulvius Nobilior respecting the introduction of intercalation j or that either of them knew more of the year of Romulus than Licinius Macer. The details of the intercalatory operation of Numa are likewise described by the different writers with irreconcilable diversity. Censorinus and Macrobius differ from Livy, and all three differ from Plutarch i while Solinus gives an account different from all four. Whatever may have been the system of the early Roman calendar, it is incredible that the regulators of it could have possessed a scientific method of intercalation, implying a tolerably accurate knowledge of the length of the tropical year, in the eighth century before Christ, long before the time when similar methods began to be applied to the Greek calendars.

Ifit is admitted that the intercalation-which is an essential part of the operation ascribed to Numa-is unsupported by credible evidence, all that remains is the decimestrial year of Romulus, beginning with March; and the addition of Jannary and February at the commencement of this year, by J6o Poatmodo creduntur apatio diatantialongo Tempora bis quiDi continuaaae viii. The meaning of this obacure couplet ma to be, that the Decemvira harmonized. Now this part of the story has all the appearance of a legend invented partly on verbal or etymological, and partly on religious grounds.

The numerical names of the months from Quintilis to December, which were manifestly counted from March, naturally suggested the notion of a decimestrial year.