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Here's the link to purchase meditation and altar stones Catalogs of Stones for Sale I also have access to over lbs. Contact me for details. A great site sponsor and introduction to Mayan culture! Fair trade organic coffee for sale shipped to your door. If you're into astrology you no doubt have encountered the concept of the Rulerships, Detriments, Exaltations, and Fall positions of the planets. These have come to us from antiquity, and each of the 7 visible planets known of the "Sacred Seven" has two signs it is said to "rule," and two signs in which a planet is in "Exile" or "Detriment.

A planet in the sign it "rules" can express negatively, while a planet in "exile" may show a favorable effect. It's all in how we choose to use the energies at our disposal, since astrology describes the dynamic art of living rather than a static set of determined responses. I offered a little on the concept of planetary "rulerships" in this article, where I stated:. The planets, or Inner Lights, "rule" the signs. This term is usually associated with "lordship" or "boss" but my friend Carl Payne Tobey put it differently. He thought that since a ruler measures things, the planets are the measure of how the sign expresses itself.

I also see rulership as the inherent "Law" of how that planetary energy expresses itself. It is the standard of self-expression. That which rules an expression is also ruled by that self-expression. The signs show the tone and color of how the Inner Lights shine through us. Each Planet is associated with two signs A note here: just because a planet is in the sign it "rules" does not mean it is a uniformly or universally favorable thing. For instance, I have a Mars in Aries.

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Though it rules Aries, meaning it's very naturally itself in that sign, I've still had to learn not to be too impulsive, abrupt, impatient, or any of the other problems associated with Mars in Aries. And yes, I have plenty of scars from when I should have slowed down rather than sped up! Jupiter may be in its home sign in Pisces, but it is still subject to ambivalence, feeling too much sorrow, or submerging when it ought to be out having an adventure!

The Moon may be a natural in Cancer, but it must learn to be caring and nurturing rather than defensive and touchy. The sign a planet rules is its natural home, but that doesn't imply it has nothing to learn in the way of productive responses. The two signs a planet "rules" shows two parts of the same energy, even if they seem contradictory or don't seem to blend easily.

There was also an amazing symmetry to how the ancients thought all these diverse energies related to each other. I'll start the sequence from a different point than the usual Aries, so you can see the mirroring effect. This leaves out the invisible triad of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, since they are not under our control, symbolizing the Transpersonal forces that affect us all.

I believe if we want to learn the whole nature of any planet, we must examine both the signs it rules to get a sense of its larger nature. It is the cardinality movability of Libra and the fixity of Taurus. And of course, through examination of the signs, we can refine our understanding to an even greater degree. There are many other factors too numerous to go into here, but for example, the three decans 10 degree segments of a sign gives us more information about how that sign works. So Taurus has a Venus segment, a Mercury segment, and a Saturn segment based in modern decan associations and Libra also has the same three segments.

So we can see how Venus, ruling these signs, has a liberal dose of Mercury and Saturn in its nature, if the signs it rules also incorporate these planetary energies. The "Exile," or "Detriment" of the planets, are the signs opposite those the planet rules. Though seemingly negative, I have found that a planet can show a positive expression regardless of its sign position.

Ladies, did you realise that there was such a thing as a pregnancy horoscope? Of course, there are so many different aspects of pregnancy that you can explore so we set out to find out what a pregnancy horoscope entails and how you might benefit from one.

When embarking on your decision to get your Pregnancy Horoscope read, we urge you to proceed with caution. We have selected the top pregnancy astrologers for They have been thoroughly vetted for you, so we can confirm that they are real, experienced, horoscope readers who you can trust.

They will be able to provide you with gentle and honest answers about whether will deliver your baby. Select one of the individuals below and get a special discount. Give us your feedback in the comments at the bottom of the page! A pregnancy horoscope is an astrological forecast focused around all aspects of pregnancy.

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An astrologer will use details of your date, time and place of birth to look at how the skies influence all aspects of your life, which means they can also focus on pregnancy horoscopes. You can get a full pregnancy horoscope from most astrologers either face to face or online. When you search pregnancy horoscopes, you can find plenty of generic articles that might detail information about what zodiac sign is likely to conceive, how a particular star sign might deal with pregnancy, which is often mistaken for a pregnancy horoscope. While they can be a fun read, they are not real pregnancy horoscopes.

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A pregnancy horoscope works by determining how the planets aligned in the skies when you were born. They are said to be a map for your life path and destiny which means that a good astrologer will be able to look at your birth chart and determine what your experience of pregnancy might be. Working with a professional astrologer , primarily a live one will ensure that they can answer all of your questions as well as provide you with your astrological birth chart.

But there are other different ways that you can use the influence of the planets as a pregnancy horoscope, for example, to determine different ways that you might get pregnant. Here are some examples of how you can use a pregnancy horoscope to get pregnant:.

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  6. According to astrologers, a woman is considered to have two hours per month when her fertility levels are at an all-time high, and this occurs right at the time when the sun and the moon separate to the same degree as they were when you were born. To figure out when your 2-hour window is all you need to do is to either use a free online astrology software such as astrolabe to determine how many degrees apart the sun and moon were when you were born.

    If you find that this is a bit complicated, you can always contact an astrologer to find out what your degrees are and also when it is likely to occur during a month. Alternatively, you could try your hand at getting pregnant at when the new moon is present in a water sign. Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and it is said that the new moon in a water sign is one of the most fertile times and lasts for two weeks. That means six weeks of heightened fertility throughout one year.

    Just look out for when the zodiac moves to a water sign and then check out when the new moon is present which can be discovered by just making an internet search to find out the date that you can expect a new moon during that time.

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    These auspicious days appear when the planets form different patterns in the sky. Such patterns can occur overall, for different zodiac signs and also just for people born on a particular time, date and location. This means that they could be lucky days for getting pregnant!

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    You can find them by using online resources such as The Good Days Calendar by Cafe Astrology , by checking out Astrology Zone or by calling an astrologer such as the astrologers found on Kasamba there are many to choose from. It can be a sensitive topic particularly if you are feeling distressed and fearful about possibly not conceiving or settling down to conceive. While the planets seem to be very accurate, the translation of the message is dependent upon the skill, biases and intuition of the reader.

    It helps to have a psychic astrologer for this reason, because they will receive higher guidance and support to help them deliver a clearer message to you. Instead, some things might be a little harder than others, and pregnancy and conceiving and all issues surrounding that are no exception. So when you have an astrology reading, you can expect to leave uplifted and with actionable steps to help you achieve your goals and enjoy your pregnancy.

    But you are probably not going to get a solid date and future prediction for exactly when you might get pregnant. There are many horoscope readers online, many of which can be found on the sites listed in the box below excluding Psychic Source who only offer psychic readings. These are professional astrologers who may also have psychic skills which will only enhance the reading. Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.