Man gemini woman gemini compatibility

He has that charm and the aura that is fatal for the women. Besides his personality, he is also handsome and attractive physically. When you combine that two, it is hard to resist a man like Gemini. Yet, he is used to the attention of the women. It is not strange that he is in a parallel relationship. He is a flirt and will fly from one flower to another.

In case you start a relationship with him, be prepared for the outflow of flirt with the other women. He is not a gentleman and as he talks about the other things, he will talk about the women he had been with. He does that to prove himself as a man and to get more male friends.

The need of the Gemini man to constantly reassures himself that he is a macho type leads him in the wrong way. But, jumping from one to another relationship will eventually take him to the right woman. And that is when he will become loyal and reliable. You will maybe think that a Gemini woman is everything as a Gemini man, but there are some differences. Still, there are many similarities also.

Gemini woman is a social and friendly type. This woman likes to get to know new people and goes out a lot. What is important, her head is not in the clouds, she is not pretentious. She is communicative and will give you at least some time. However, if you have the intention of involving emotions in the whole story, it takes some effort. If she considers you crossed the line, you will see another side of her personality. She will turn into arrogant and distant.

As you could conclude, intelligence is a strong side of the Gemini sign. The Gemini woman searches for someone who excites her mentally. If there is no deeper connection, all you can expect is that she will disappear. Even though Gemini woman falls in love often, she will put an emotional limit on herself. This is something like a shield in order to protect herself and her emotions. However, usually, there is no need for putting barriers. Love can happen only once, so why would you chase it away? She chooses to have several partners at the same time. Romance is a game and playing with only one person seems boring to the Gemini woman.

There is no lot of men who can handle a partner like this. Being in a serious relationship with the Gemini woman can seem almost impossible. Everyone likes her, men and women equally. Her friends like that she is always on the go. Gemini woman is tireless when we talk about social contacts. However, a ratio is always in the first place.

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Gemini woman will be friends with powerful people or intellectuals. Sometimes she can even pretend to be friend with someone who is in the business or has money. This is that calculating side of the Gemini woman. He loves to mingle and collect the latest news, and he might even gossip.

Of course, not many Gemini men manage to fulfill such a lifestyle, but they will try to compensate that inability by taking some exotic vacations, going out much, meeting a lot of new people, reading a lot, etc. If you expect him to text you every hour how much he loves you, forget about that.

He is all about socializing and discovering new things and places. That excites him the most. This man often uses his house as a place to spend the night.

He is always making new plans where to spend his time next. He desires to have a woman who can follow him in these adventures and not whine about something all the time. Such behavior suffocates him. For such a woman, he is willing to compromise and give up on some of his habits, to be able to spend more time with her. When a Gemini man is in love, he usually changes his behavior entirely. If you love a Gemini man, try not to overwhelm him with demands to give you all his attention. He cannot do that because he has way too many interests. He is not very passionate, and if you are a passionate woman with great sexual appetites, feel free to skip this man.

His approach to sexuality is different. He enjoys talking and getting to know someone, and that is the thing which inspires him to go further into intimacy with a woman. She is also beautiful, but often a bit flaky. She is sexy, but not in a traditional way. She attracts men mostly with her sharp intellect and witty remarks. She regularly appears disinterested, and that is often how she feels, although sometimes she might act like that on purpose. That is a trait, which drives men crazy. She often uses this trait to hide her true feelings and emotions.

The reasons might be various, from trying to protect her for some reason, to trying to gain something. This woman is usually a good actress, and can easily play many different women roles. She does that mostly because she enjoys doing it, but some Gemini women have problems with honesty and are often prone to deceiving others. They are usually very ambitious and eager to gain more knowledge. These women are generally not attracted to muscles and physical appearance in a man.

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