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You can clearly see where your support is, but adopt a watch-and-wait attitude for the time being. Soon a path will show itself. Your candle to burn is in crisp purples or blues. I began my metaphysical life with astrology as my foundation and I am a past President of The Astrological Association of Western Canada. There, I explain all aspects of celtic magic, natural law cycles, sacred rites of the moon, candle spells and much more. I am also an ordained Ishaya monk, teacher of meditation, and certified technology expert for GM Canada.

I believe that the basis of all teaching must be love and every expression must be honest.

In purity there is power and magic; this I teach from the depths of my soul. I also provide an email service where I send daily thoughts, help with spells, astrologically important events, or things I have learned from others. Please let me know if you are interested in this low cost service. It is my pleasure and honour to share my gift and knowledge with you. Events Horoscope Horoscope: January 15th, January 15, Aries March 21 — April 19 Make friends with change.

Mercury Retrograde and What it Means for You

Taurus April May 20 There are benefits to be found for you with foreign people and places. Gemini May21 — June 20 Right now, you may be having a difficult time with someone close to you. Cancer June 21 — July 22 Last week was a battleground.

Leo July 23 — August 22 The clouds have parted and the sunshine comes back into your life this week. Virgo August 23 — September 22 This is your first chance to simply enjoy life. Libra September 23 — October 22 The sun will inspire ideas for change in your daily life and world. Scorpio October 23 — November 21 If someone is struggling, stand back. Sagittarius November 22 — December 21 Appreciation has been missing from your life.

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Pisces February 19 — March 20 If matters of the heart need improving, now is the time to put more effort towards it. Read More Horoscopes.

More By Leah Bolton. This Monday, November 11, could bring at least a smidge of clarity as the illuminating Sun shines alongside backspinning Mercury. Scrolling through LinkedIn or even your old emails could trigger a lightbulb moment. A cold lead in your contact database could reheat quickly after one engaging exchange.

This time around, make sure to put systems in place to compensate for your divergent working styles. This would be the time to stop playing hard to get and let yourself get caught! You need to put in the effort! People who seem bland on the surface could be hiding more than a few fascinating layers you had no clue were there.

Nigel Farage faces anger from his cancelled candidates

Look for clever ways to help them shine. For example, service-oriented people might not be great at sharing stories about their lives. But give them a project and watch them come to life. The first period of when Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, will be in retrograde motion starts on March 5 and ends on March 28 of Therefore, the communication during the following month is going to be somewhat more difficult.

It is a period when we can find out information or start relationships which can change the course of our lives. Jobs can turn out to be more stressful during this time, and the everyday work more tiring sometimes. The second period of Mercury retrograde motion last from July 8 until August 1. Mercury will be retrograde in Leo, where the Sun and the North Node also resides.

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All these will determine us to stop from the daily commotion and to focus more on our personality, on our characteristics and on the way we present ourselves. It is recommended to delay the acquisition of any household appliances, tools or valuable assets because there is a predisposition for them to break much faster. We can encounter obstacles on the road, the car breaks, we lose the plane or we are not able to travel for different reasons also taking into account the personal chart. Mercury Retrograde begins and ends with a shadow period.

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These periods have the main theme of mis-communications and misunderstandings, poorly planned purchases and contracts. It is time to avoid making long-term decisions.

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It is a review time with bigger repercussions.