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Writer, Lionel Bart's 2nd No 1. Newley moved on to writing and starring in Broadway musicals.

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Regarded by many as their finest recording. First hit on Warner Bros label WB 1. US rock'n'roll hero who hit the top 3 months after he died in a UK car crash. Co-written by Bruce Welch, it was chosen for release by a poll of Cliff's fans. Regarded as one of UK's few great rock'n'roll acts. Died in car crash in Cliff Richard's backing group. Had as much 60s success as their "boss". First of 33 hits for the rock 'n' roll legend. The song remains a classic. Country singer who briefly courted the pop charts.

Still recording in the 90s, and touring in Song written in This version includes a spoken passage loosely based on Shakespeare. She was a child actress in the late 40s and had her first hit in Novelty act with a song. The 1st No 1 for producer George Martin. Another revived Italian song, "Return To Sorrento", written in Falsetto vocals and a wild "musitron" organ gave this classic a unique sound. They faded in the mids, but reformed in the s, and toured the UK several times. Helen Shapiro.

September 17 revealed as Australia’s most popular birthday for the first time

Aged only 14 when she hit the top youngest female to do so. Was a major star for a couple of years. John Leyton. Actor who sang on a 60s tv soap. Producer, Joe Meek 's 1st No 1.

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (A Star Is Born)

Shirley Bassey. She went on to become a major international star. She was still charting in , and received a Damehood in Faded in the mid 60s, but was a respected jazz and gospel singer by the s. A Burt Bacharach song. Vaughan remained a popular star for many decades. Oscar-winning song from the film "Breakfast At Tiffany's".

Taken from his film of the same name. One of his most popular songs. A wild piano version of Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite". One-hit Wonders.

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Written by the same team that gave Elvis "I Got Stung" in Mike Sarne with Wendy Richard. Novelty song. Sarne soon faded, but she became a famous tv actress. Yodelling UK-born Australian who was a top-rated singer for a few years. Joe Meek prodigies with an instrumental named after a communication satellite. Two former Shadows who enjoyed brief stardom, with another Jerry Lordan tune. From Cliff's film of the same name.

Perhaps his best-loved song.

From "Summer Holiday". They continued on and off for another 30 years! His first film, Runaway Dog, was made when he was 13 years old and shot on a Clockwork 16mm Bolex camera, using feet of film. At age 18, he wrote, directed and produced the short film Painted Faces , which Clive Barker was born on October 5, in Liverpool, England.

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She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Tom Jones and appeared in The Third Secret the following year but she allowed her film career to decline following her marriage to actor Sean Connery , the second of her three husbands, to whom Actor The Tall T.

He was married to Doroth Oltman Haveman.

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In his youth he distinguished himself as a champion figure skater, then had his own radio program at age Regehr was also an Olympic boxing contender, and a classically trained Shakespearean stage She is an actress, known for Monsters, Inc. Born in Warwickshire, England, UK. Stephanie began her career at age 17 playing a year-old woman. One of the most interesting character actors to emerge on American film and television in the s, Parfrey brought a quirky charisma to every role he played, from Bob Geldof was frontman for the late '70s to mid '80s Irish punk rock band the Boomtown Rats.

Actor Batman v Superman: Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator. Born and raised in New York City, Tyson became interested in astronomy at the age of nine after a visit to the Hayden Planetarium. During his teenage years, he earned his living as a singer and boxer. She is an actress, known for Live Flesh , Broken Embraces and Just for fun, we punched in the 14th birthdays of some music stars to see which song supposedly defines them best. We use cookies to make sure Official Charts is the Number 1 chart site on the web.

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