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It is not bad in itself, but says something about what thoughts, memories, dreams flow through it. Traditional astrology uses the Moon as a symbol for the Part Of Fortune which is used to ascertain when one has peak health. The Part of Fortune rules ones material possessions, and the matter of which ones body is made. Steve Richards, the founder of Holographic Kinetics, says the Moon rules the ancestral soul which is contained in the cells of the body.

Mater, matter, mother, matrix, are all from the same root latin root. But the earth is the mother of the Moon not the other way around. Still, anyone who has had a baby knows the power that the little mite exerts on its creator. Just as a crying baby Moon can stimulate lactation in the mother earth , then so can the action of the cosmic Moon get our own creative juices running or emotional tears flowing depending on wether the influence is disrupting or harmonious. I found something interesting using Solar Fire. In fact the point of Priapus found opposite true Lilith.

The astronomy here fits perfectly with their astrological interpretations. Priapus is supposed to signify what one does in order to fit into society, where you conform to the norms. I have always thought that Black Moon Lilith was the anti-Moon, the breaker of habits.

Black Moon Lilith , maybe the breaker of the lunatic effects or hack already mentioned? But Lilith is a double edged sword, as the anti-moon she is also anti-family. Much more research into the Moon and its effects shall be done. If we believe the planets have an influence, then we have to look at the hows and whys.

This post is not a definitive statement about what the Moon is or is not, but I hope a starting point. Lilith and Priapus Lilith is a clear-sighted multidimensional channel that synthesizes on a right brain quality. Rate this:. Like this: Like Loading Bookmark the permalink.

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Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Possibly this will correspond to turning points in the re-evaluation of structures, rules, boundaries and limitations. The Eclipse and the Candidates. Yet even though they both started without a close affiliation to the parties they would represent in the election, they could not be more different in their viewpoints, as their horoscopes show.

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Indeed, they seem to embody certain polarities also present in the eclipse itself. Unfortunately given the limitations of space, I am only able to focus on the points in their respective horoscopes directly activated by the eclipse. Chart 4: Donald Trump. Chart 5: Bernie Sanders. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have Sun conjunct North Node in the 10 th house, a clear indication that they both have the mission in life to express their identity in a prominent career with social significance.

As mentioned earlier, this degree may show significant events related to the retrograde and direct transit of eclipse Mars. But an interesting difference is the sign and degree the North Nodes are in.

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The unpredictable statements which his speeches have been characterized by have reached rather gross levels of banality, as, for example, the instance of defending the size of his penis before a crowd of supporters. Trump has the gift of gab with his Gemini planets in 10 th , and the presence of Priapus there helps him say just the things that certain segments of the populace wish to hear. Eclipse ruler Jupiter has been in his 1 st house for some time and his radix Jupiter is in the 1 st house of the eclipse horoscope.

The people fulfill him! Mars will be travelling over his IC during its retrograde and again during the direct transit. The placement of his Corrected and Mean Black Moons in the 4 th and his Moon and South Node suggest a deep-rooted sense of rejection of or by his family and foreign roots. But these elements in his life are where he experiences the most ease, as only the South Node is placed in this house.

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But, quite significantly, at the time of the eclipse he had the return of his North Node to its natal position. The eclipse ruler was also transiting these points, which might seem to indicate his election as a sure thing. He has had to keep on working hard for every vote. Chart 6: Hillary Clinton.

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Chart 7: Ted Cruz. The two other candidates, Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz, both remain relatively untouched by the eclipse. Her South Node is conjunct her Ascendant and the North is in the 7 th house of partner, perhaps reflecting her start in national politics as First Lady. Mars does conjunct her Black Moon on November 8 th , which may not bode well for her chances that day. Personally, and I will probably putting my reputation on the line here, I tend to think the strong contacts between the Eclipse horoscope and the natal horoscopes of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are an indication of who voters will be able to choose.

By describing the influence of the spiritual points of consciousness, I hope, moreover, to have shown the importance of these points in understanding of the horoscope in relation to consciousness. It is with the inclusion of these points that astrology will play an important role in the development of the new paradigm shaping itself in the 21 st century. Bode, G. Eclipse Series and the year in Dutch. AstroFocus , The Theory of Eclipses in Dutch.

Vocation As A Way of Life — More than Just A Job

Rythm of the Eclipses, Part I in Dutch. Currey, R. Retrieved March 10, , from Astrology.

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Jansky, R. Interpretting the Eclipses. San Diego: Astro Computing Services. Simmers, W. Eclipses in Astrology in Dutch. Zoetermeer: Hajefa.

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Wenner, C. Wolfstar, M. The U.

Moon Food? ~ True Lilith/Night Demon

Scorpio Rising Horoscope. Background of Eclipse Horoscopes Stone tablets housed in the British Museum show that eclipses have been recorded as early as B. Saros cycle : the eclipse is either conjunct the North or South node, and the sign in which the Saros cycle began colors the subsequent eclipses Ruler of the Eclipse : here, as with house position in any other than the angular houses I, IV, VII, and X, the question of system applies.

Term Ruler : for the degree of the eclipse, as explained above. Once again, at the risk oversimplification, the Dragon shows the highest development of that created at the North Node, a point of stagnation which admits no energy and where no further expansion, change, or integration is possible. The Beast is the point of absolute lack of form, direction, and purpose, just the pure raw energy necessary to feed the inborn talent and gifts represented by the South Node.

The latter has proven to be a particularly sensitive point in the transits of eclipse planets. Saturn : as last visible planet in the Solar system, it shows the boundaries imposed or experienced in the horoscope.