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Trusted Psychic Mediums. As a Capricorn born on this day , you are reserved and solitary.

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You are a highly individualistic person. You work best on your own. However, your friends see you as someone reliable. People find you reliable precisely because you are independent. You are also perfectly with you being reliable and your friends being unreliable. You are able to get proper balance in your friendships because you realize that different people bring different things to a friendship. They might not be reliable.

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In fact, they might be quite flaky. But, they can make you laugh. They have different perspectives, they bring different things to the table. Lovers born on the 22nd of December are secretive. They are not the best when showing affection to their lovers.

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They are, however, highly caring and loyal. Honesty is a big deal for them. Break their trust and they will never look at you again and move on. To capture the heart of a person born on December 22nd, you should be loyal. Also, show appreciation for the little things he or she does for you.

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People born on this day are thinkers. They are really quiet individuals, but they are highly creative. A career in architecture and design are highly suitable for people born on this day.

People born on December 22nd are quiet and seem timid at times. They also have a tendency to not speak their mind, even if they have a point or can provide meaningful input to the conversation. These are people who just emit emotional negativity. Free Name Setting. Baby Names. Love Flames. Auspicious Yoga. Inauspicious Tithis. Birthday Prediction October 09 Ruled by number 9 and the planet Mars.

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