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Try this free zodiac calendar today! Each zodiac signs personality is different from the other.

Daily Horoscope January 23, 2017: Aries

The birthday personality for no two days will be the same even though you may share the same zodiac sign. So, all birthday personalities will be unique in their way.

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All you have to do is choose your birthday month and select the day you were born. What are you waiting for? Your personalized zodiac horoscope is just a click away! The Major Trends section for your sign lists those days when your vitality is strong or weak, or when relationships with your co-workers or loved ones may need a bit more effort on your part.

January 23 Birthday Astrology

You will know when to be more tolerant of them and when they are liable to be difficult or irritable. In this edition we have included foot reflexology charts as part of the health section. So many health problems could perhaps be avoided or alleviated if we understood which organs were most vulnerable and what we could do to protect them. Though there are many natural and drug-free ways to strengthen vulnerable organs, these charts show a valid way to proceed.

The vulnerable organs for the year ahead are clearly marked in the charts.

Try to pay special attention to the specific areas marked in the charts. If this is done diligently, health problems can be avoided. I consider you — the reader — my personal client. By studying your Solar Horoscope I gain an awareness of what is going on in your life — what you are feeling and striving for and the challenges you face.

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I then do my best to address these concerns. Fortunately, your tendencies towards reckless, impetuous actions are usually paved with the best intentions.

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  8. Compromise may also prove a challenge -- you much prefer to jump ahead and lead the pack rather than defer to anyone else's approach. Still, despite your occasional hotheaded -- even selfish -- streak there's a natural, go getting charm that inspires everyone around you to do and be more than they ever thought possible. With your ardent, blazing spirit you manage to light a spark that inspires others to take action. You lead by example.

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    So, Aries, before you enjoy that first piece of birthday cake, remember to make at least one wish that includes accomplishing a goal you've never attempted before. Oh sorry -- you already did? Of course. You're always at least ten steps ahead of everyone else.